Our self-service Prices

Update / January 2018

We are the only 24-7 Laundro mat in town

Imagine, if you have an emergency trip, and none of your clothes are clean!! and you need to wash your clothes 3 am and your washer broke last week. That is a big problem. So Our only goal is to help you as much as possible, that is why we are the only Laundro mat open 24 hrs. a day the 7 days of the week in Provo on the East side of the Freeway, and we want to keep going on that way.


Single Load Washers, Double Load Washers, Triple Load Washers, and our Big one Five load Washer.


Stack Dryers, 5 Load Dryers, and our Big one 7 Load Dryer. With 2 coin machine Changers, bill to coin, at your service ALWAYS.

Laundry on Ninth. is perfect for simple and clean clothes all day and all night.