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1 to drop off, and 1 to pick up.

Our services

We are here to help, in case your Mom is not.

Fresh and Clean

Since our double-load washers release detergent in both the pre-wash and wash stages, and change directions every 10 seconds, your clothes are left fresher than traditional washers leave them. Now that's good use of your detergent money.

Oversized Dryers

Optimal drying takes place with selecting the right temperature setting. But the most important thing is airflow. Our ADC commercial dryers have 6" air ducts, more than twice the volume of air of standard dryers. More air means a better faster dry for less.

Wash and Fold Delivery

Benjamin Franklin figured out long ago that; "Time is Money". Detergent, and other laundering supplies are not cheap, but the true cost of laundry is your time to rotate and fold it. Do the math for yourself and see how many hours a week we would save you.

Shirt Laundry

You look your best in a clean pressed shirt. Feel even better knowing that you got to sleep an extra 20 minutes instead of setting up an ironing board. We will do it for you for only $2.25/ shirt.

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About us

Producing Clean Laundry Since 1962


Good History Laundromat

In 1962 Junior and Martha Tysdal established Tysdal Laundry Center one of the first automated laundromats in Provo. About 17 years later, Junior was diagnosed with cancer. He taught Martha how to run the business, to repair the washing machines and even to scale the building's roof to repair the air conditioner. When she wasn't repairing machines or scrubbing the floor she sat and enjoyed visiting with customers. Martha Tysdal, retired from the laundry center 42 years to the day it opened at age 84, but would come down weekly to the laundromat until she passed away to do her laundry and to swap laundry tips with the other customers.

Despite the change of the guard our dedication to you the customer remains the same. Clothing colors and fabrics may go out of style, but we believe that that feeling of fresh clean laundry never will.

Money Back Guarantee

Our state of the art Swedish designed Wascomat washers, hot, soft water will get your clothes cleaner than any other laundromat in the valley. If you are not satisfied we will give you a full refund.

Owner operated, and most importantly, owner used.

Unlike most laundromats the Laundry on Ninth continues to be a family owned and operated enterprise. The Tysdal way continues today, we are an attended laundromat. This means that there is a real life person on site to be of assistance. Based on customer requests we have also expanded to become a full wash dry and fold service, as well as shirt laundry and dry cleaning. Everyone is used to wearing clothes; but we recognise that not every one knows and has time to clean them properly. Doing providing you with fresh, clean, folded laundry is what we do best.

Clothes are not optional

Make Mom Proud -- Do your laundry right, and save time and money.

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Remove Smoke Stain

How to remove a smoke stain

A smoke stain can be trouble here is a simple way to remove the fine particles in just a few washes.
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Equipment and Self-Service Prices

Washers for Single, Double, Triple and our big one Five load. Dryers for 30
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DeLuxe Laundry Service

Our Wash and Fold De Luxe Laundry Service, is a Everything Included Service, you can Drop your Clothes and we take care acording the Care Label.
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Pick and Delivery service in your office

Stop worrying about house chores. We'll take care of it, so you can focus on what's most important.
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Wedding Dress Preservation

Because those memories and unforgettable moments are reflected through unique objects, either for their aesthetic, economic or sentimental value worth preserving as the first day.
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